For a Fairer Future_

Speeding up human advancement. Inclusive education for digital skills capacity building at a global scale.

Tech solves problems

Tech skills as an imperative

When you see technology as humanities' best tool to solve problems, you realise that empowering more young people to become designers and creators is an important mission for us all.

  1. Humankind's defining feature is the ability to create tools
  2. Tools have driven our advancement for milennia
  3. Web3 is bringing more than just new jobs
  4. Emerging technologies enable new possibilities
  5. The journey will be long with so few knowing how to design or create tech

Whether you're looking to advance your career or launch a startup, these skills and knowledge will supercharge your journey.

Everyone's included

Our differences are our strength

A lack of diversity in teams is dangerous to our survival as a species. If we leave it to one group of people to create our technology tools, we give them more power!

At U Cubed, we make diversity our number one priority. Different ideas are better; skills can be taught, experience can be gained.

  • We acknowledge and respect the ancestral lands of First Nations peoples, upon which we live and create.
  • LGBTQ+ safe space to be your whole self. 🏳️‍🌈
  • Different abilities & strengths 🦾 Neurodivergence is just one condition many in our community experience. All humans have value to add!
  • We are all human; no matter where we come from or what we believe in.
  • Women empowerment 💃 First class citizens, always and forever.

Learning at U Cubed brings out the best in you!


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